Advanced Projects Laboratory (APL)

University of Oregon
Department of Physics
Eugene, Oregon
Willamette Hall, Rm(s) 10,12,18
ph: 541-346-5296
fax: 541-346-5861

APL Wiki (see here for our most up-to-date efforts)


Optics Projects:
Rb Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy
Spontaneous Parametric Downconversion
Optical Tweezers

Fiber Optic Projects:
Modelocked Fiberlaser
Sagnac Fiber Interferometer
Erbium-Doped Fiber CW Laser

Solid State Projects:
Atomic Force Microscope
Surface Plasmon Resonance
Carrier Dynamics in a Semiconductor Device
Electron Spin Resonance
Physical Adsorption

Astronomical Projects:

Observational Astronomy

Teaching Modules:
Photon Counting Fundamentals
Two-Slit Interference One Photon at a Time
Millikan Oil-Drop
Coherence Length/Area - A Broadband Michelson Interferometer
Photo-Electric Effect
Gravitational Torsion Balance

Useful Links:
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Physics Jobs
Encyclopedia for Photonics and Laser Technology
Google Scholar
Society of Physics Students
American Physical Society NW Section
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