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Our AFM: positioning stages are Mad City Lab's (Aluminum) Nano-OP50 (x-y) and Nano-OP30 (z).

The Nano-OP30 has range 30um with 0.06nm resolution.
The Nano-OP50 has range 50um with 0.13nm resolution.
Both positioner types have:
Resonant Frequency (unloaded): 4kHz+-20%
Resonant Frequency (loaded - 100g): 2kHz+-20%
Stiffness: 3.0N/um +-20%
Max Load (horizontal): 1kg
Max Load (vertical): 0.5kg

The control and data capture system components are:
NI's PCIe-7852R FPGA (750kS/sec)
NI's SCB-68 connector block
NI's SHC68-68-RMIO shielded cable

The AFM sits on a Newport Vibration Isolated Workstation.
Max Load: 120kg
Isolator natural frequency: <2.5Hz (vertical and horizontal)

AFM Tip Holder: Veeco's model MMMC compatible with
contact and tapping modes as well as MFM

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